Scent of a Moment

Scent of a Moment,” was created to help inspire a more memorable greeting card experience. Our sense of smell is one of the most influential senses tied to memory and emotion. Born out of a successful candle company, “Scent of a Moment,” is the first of its kind. With well-thought-out sentiments combined with original watercolor paintings and the complimentary fragrance, all work to create that meaningful moment when we gift a friend or family member with a greeting card. 

Our special paper was tested for up to nine months for fragrance quality. Our product is infused with premium scent oils including essential oils.

*process is patent pending.

Your shoppers will thank you for the unforgettable card experience! 

We are now offering wholesale opportunities nationwide. Please see a few options below. For a complete list of occasions and pricing, contact with the subject SOM wholesale. Thanks! 
You may also contact us for the purchase and shipment of single cards. 


"Thank you!" (Baja cactus)    "Warm Holiday" (hearth)    "Happy Birthday" (cake)                                                                  


"Merry Christmas!" (balsam)