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"From the moment I walked into GROW Salon and smelled Pineapple Sage, I had to buy it. I bought a second candle while there because it was hard to choose between all the great fragrances. Great slow burn with just the right amount of fragrance to fill our home. Very happy with purchase and can't wait to experience more!" Jamie

"I just purchased my first set and LOVE the quality! I've compared it to bath&body works and am thrilled to say Family Trees has an extraordinary burn time and doesn't put off the awful black smoke and char! I'm so looking forward to the Christmas scents !" Cameo 
"I love these candles! One of the few that aren't toxic to my system and don't give me an instant headache." Stephanie 
"I just got my free candle in the mail today from winning a comment contest!!! Pumpkin Carmel crunch.. it smells amazing and I love the cute little bag it came in. I will definitely be buying more candles from you!!!" Tammy 
"I had the hardest time figuring out which candles to leave with, I wanted them all! These candles burn really well, smell amazing, and look adorable displayed in my home. I can’t wait to see what scents they come out with next!" Michelle 
"The best smelling and even burning candles I have ever used. They make precious gifts for every occasion!" Jill 

"THESE CANDLES!!! They smell so yummy! One candle filled my living room and kitchen with smell without being super strong and overwhelming. I LOVE that they are natural and a "clean burn." I have bought four for other people because they are such great gifts also!! Love it!!" Forrest 

"I'm so glad I stumbled in your store on a rainy Wednesday morning. I fell in love with the Jasmine candle...even my husband likes it! Can't wait to try some different scents." Julianne

"5 STARS, my favorite scent is Spa Day and knowing each product is made from love by a lovely young woman makes them even more special! Watching Meg become an entrepreneur is very exciting and I wish her much success!" Jane