• Mountain Air (Save Our Smokies + TheSmokies.com)

    Family Tree Candle Company

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    This "candles for a cause" deserves to stand alone for a bit. We are so honored and excited to share the "official candle of thesmokies.com"...Featuring "Mountain Air," with hints of green leaves, ozone, sandalwood, rose and lily of the valley, this fragrance is refreshing and smells like a nice walk through our beautiful Smoky Mountains. Complete with our stamped linen bag featuring TheSmokies.com logo. 

    TheSmokies.com is the go-to place to find all things reviews, upcoming events and attractions, restaurant recommendations, and so much more!

    Visit their site here: TheSmokies.com

    In collaboration with TheSmokies.com, they wanted to help a recently formed fellow organization, "Save Our Smokies." Founded in 2020, this project helps to clean public lands in and around the Smoky Mountains, eliminating graffiti, reducing waste and educating people about the negative impacts our actions have on our land.  

    You can read about their story and their 150+ volunteers and how to get involved. $5 from every purchase will go back to Save The Smokies





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