• Candle Club Membership

    Family Tree Candle Company

  • $ 35.00

  • Description

    Why be a part of the Family Tree Candle Company "candle club"?

    By participating in our candle of the month club, you get select and featured candles from our current collections, and first chance on our popular scents before sell-out. Its a great way to stock up on gifts year round. We’ll even send you a FREE 8oz candle ($16.99) twice a year, and a candle on your birthday! We choose the top selling scents each month and ship them straight to you. We offer different levels of commitment for the moderate to extreme candle junky! On average our regular online candle shopper spends $60 a month, look at the savings we offer by joining our candle club! 

    3 months $141 paid in full SAVE $33 ($47 a month) 

    6 months $252 paid in full SAVE $96 ($42 a month)

    12 months $420 paid in full SAVE $276 ($35 a month) 

    In addition to being a part of the candle club, you can purchase candles outside of your membership, by using code CANDLECLUB30 to get 30% off your total purchase anytime! This code is only valid for current members. 


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