• What makes Family Tree so special?

    Ok, we aren't re-inventing the wheel here. We are candle makers, creating and making something that has been around for centuries. So why are we so different as a candle company? We utilize locally sourced ingredients and premium quality oils. Family Tree has always kept the integrity of a hand-poured product. We are not mass produced. The hands of special people make, package and breathe love into every candle creation. We are honored that you let us in to your home and want to assure you that each candle is created just for you and your comfortable space. We say, "Smells like home," because home is our safe haven and we want to capture that in a jar that you can enjoy hour after hour, time and time again. Compared to large brand candle companies, our soy liquefies without tunneling and with a 100% cotton wick, there is no charring or black smoke within your home, making a clean and healthy burn. 

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