• Let's go to wick school...

    As we live in an age with consumers being more aware of ingredients, health factors and environmental concerns, we’ve noticed some information where candles are getting a bad wrap. Now, there are some unhealthy candles for your home, that’s why Family Tree has worked for years to bring you a clean candle. One of the important components of the perfect candle is the wick…

    Lets go to wick school:

    There are many different styles, shapes and sizes of wicks. Depending on what wax you are using whether soy, synthetic, gel, paraffin, beeswax etc…

    Not all candles are created equal and for mass production purposes, it is more cost efficient to use wicks that are not braided or all cotton. Depending on the container and depth, some wicks will include a core, this core is usually metal. In large container jar candles, it may be necessary to use a wick with a core simply for the candle to burn. You can avoid this if you use 2 or even 3 braided wicks in a larger jar container. Family Tree only uses a cotton braided wick. This wick burns clean, does not smoke and transfers the smell beautifully. When you snuff out a cotton wick, there is not thick smoke as caused with the metal cored wicks. A lot of cored wicks are used in novelty and pillar candles. Zinc is also found in a type of cored wick, this is the most rigid of wick styles and allows for a sturdy wick, mostly used in gel or artificial type waxes and paraffin.

    We tested several types over the years and though some wicks would burn quickly and distribute quite a bit of fragrance, the jar would turn black towards the end of the burn. We did not like how this looked, and also realized, that was not a healthy option.

    We would rather sacrifice maximum scent throw to keep the burn clean. Our candles throw an even and subtle scent while remaining clean. For this reason, the amount of scent-throw is perfect for those who may be sensitive to scent.


    Flat and square braid wicks tend to curl into the flame, causing them to burn cleaner. Cored wicks will not curl, so they are commonly used when curling may cause problems such as deep melting jars or votives.

    If the wick is too big for your candle size or container, then the wick will smoke quite a bit because it is trying to consume more wax as it burns. The size must be the right equivalent to not quickly burn up all your wax, you must know the right container diameter to properly test the right wick. Our standard size jar is the 12oz smooth jelly jar. After testing 10+ wicks, we have come across the perfect fit for our specific needs. The wick we use provides:  1. Subtle scent-throw 2. Even and clean burning 3. Does not smoke and no black residue

    Since we use a cotton braided wick, the wick burns slowly, evenly and cleanly.

    There are candles of all sizes and generations. Some candles are for fun and for looks only, some for quality, some for novelty. Something we can stand behind is knowing each of our candles is created by hand. We are not producing 1,000’s by the hour from a machine, we are specific about each individual “candle baby.” This means the years of research and development that started in our kitchen years ago, now benefits you as the consumer.

    The wick is just one component of creating the perfect candle. Family Tree has combined all ingredients to work in beautiful health and harmony together in your home.



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