• Creating the perfect candle takes five years.

    Almost 5 years ago, my husband Clay and I were looking for a hobby to share together. Something "easy" we could enjoy on a weeknight. We were out shopping one day and I purchased some well-known brand candles. I could tell Clay's wheels were turning. As I was trying to figure out what scent to buy, he was looking at all the choices and said, "I bet we could make candles."  SO...Later that day we decided to purchase a candle-making kit from a large craft store and give it a try. 

    "Try," is exactly what it was...As we started the candle crafting process, we did not realize the precision in temperature, scent oil to wax ratio and that the color choices all needed to be exact for the perfect candle recipe. Our very first candles (picture seen here) smelled like lousy bath soaps and were not flattering to look at. We soon discovered this was not an "easy" craft. For months, Thursday night was our candle night. He would measure and weigh the wax as I stirred in the dye and scent oil. Clay was also the perfect pourer, holding the pitcher just right without spilling any. Through testing our creations, we learned that candles can tunnel without the proper wick size, we learned if your jars aren't heated perfectly the wax can "frost." We had no idea everything it took to create the perfect candle! Time after time we would discover the one step we overlooked or didn't complete.

    Finally, we began to see the candles look somewhat gift-able. The tops were smooth, they burned properly and smelled nice. Now that the candles were getting better, we needed to name them something. We brainstormed for weeks on a name and finally decided on Family Tree Candle Company. The name was perfect. It started as a family craft, family makes us feel safe and we were just drawn to the whole idea of creating scents that remind us of family or making memories with people we love. 

    In the coming weeks, Clay was able to relay the vision of a logo to a designer he works with and we had the first Family Tree logo created. It was lovely, featuring the tree and tire swing, it  gave a sense of southern nostalgia. What began as a Thursday night craft was becoming an actual brand. Over the next couple of years, we would gift friends and family with our "candle babies." Then the recommendation came that we should think about selling to stores. I put on my "sales hat," and slowly acquired businesses that wanted to stock Family Tree Candle Company candles. Over the years,  our packaging and brand have endured subtle changes such as the gingham ribbon detail, a small logo re-brand and our stamped linen bags. Today, five years later, we finally have the perfect candle! 

    When we look back over these last few years, we're amazed at where God has moved in this business. We officially moved the company out of our kitchen and into an actual space. We see our beautiful pouring facility and the lovely ladies that create our candles, we will always hold true to the hand-poured quality. We host meetings in our "farmhouse fabulous" decorated office. We go out shopping and see our candles being sold in local boutiques, it's a surreal feeling to see our little creations sitting on a shelf. 

    When you think a craft is going to be "easy"...that's not always the case, but we wouldn't trade this "Thursday night hobby" for anything because it has become a beautiful, blessed and perfect candle company. 

    Our very FIRST candles! 

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