• Introducing the vented lid...a versatile little option.

    In our home, we enjoy the beautiful glow of our candles with the vented lid topper. Not only is this good to not have an open flame around pets and kids, but it is a beautiful glow! We recommend burning your candle at least one full time before using the lid and then you can use it to burn the remainder of your candle. Be careful, it gets can just blow out your candle right through the lid. You will be surprised, even when your candle is not lit, you can smell the delicious aroma in the room through your vented lid similar to an air freshener.  You can add this lid option to any order for a small additional cost. You can even recycle it, using it on several candles.


    Now, a show stopper idea since we are officially in Spring... I love fresh cut flowers all around the house! You can recycle your candle jar into a vase and use the lid too! You can place the stems in the lid holes to make a unique centerpiece..."You're Welcome!"


    We will continue to bring unique ideas and products to you as we feel they are a great asset to Family Tree! 




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